USAF Physicians Cleared to Practice at Bellevue Med

> > > USAF Physicians Cleared to Practice at Bellevue Med

The United States Air Force recently signed an external resource sharing agreement allowing its physicians to render medical services to TRICARE beneficiaries at Bellevue Medical Center. 

Previously, patients who were referred to the hospital by an Air Force physician would be required to choose a different provider. This agreement, which is effective immediately, means that some patients who are covered under the TRICARE programs can be seen by their USAF physicians at Bellevue Medical Center.

Deb Bass, manager of Medical Staff Services at Bellevue Medical Center, points out that providers are still required to be credentialed by the hospital prior to seeing patients.  “We’ve been credentialing physicians while we were pursuing this agreement so a number of Air Force physicians already have privileges to practice here,” says Bass. 

A complete list of physicians who have been credentialed to practice at Bellevue Medical Center can be found here.