Culture of Quality Evident in Consistent Rankings

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Culture of Quality Evident in Consistent Rankings

For the third quarter in a row, Bellevue Medical Center has been recognized by the University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) for its outstanding quality measures. UHC is an alliance of 114 academic medical centers and 255 of their affiliated hospitals representing approximately 90 percent of the nation's non-profit academic medical centers.

Chief Medical Officer Marlin Stahl, MD says that Bellevue Medical Center’s continued presence in the UHC rankings is the result of teamwork across the organization and evidence that quality is part of the hospital’s culture.

“We’ve been focused on creating a ‘culture of quality’ and consistently ranking among the nation’s best shows that our efforts are garnering results,” said Stahl. “It’s a culture that requires teamwork and buy-in from our employees and our medical staff and its one that’s becoming well established at Bellevue Medical Center.”

The previous two quarters Bellevue Medical Center earned a top ten ranking in seven and eight categories respectively. The most recent data shows the hospital ranked among the top ten in 12 quality measures: (Oct - Dec 2011 (Q4)). These rankings are often recognized as the best, most nonbiased national quality measurement system available.

UHC Top Ten Rankings - (Oct - Dec 2011 (Q4))

  • CMS Appropriate Care Measure (2)
  • Accountability Core Measure (2)
  • HQA AMI Composite (5)
  • HQA HF Composite (6)
  • HQA PN Composite (5)
  • HQA SCIP Composite (6)
  • HF-1 Discharge instructions (10)
  • PN-3b Blood cultures in the ED prior to antibiotic (8)
  • PN-6b Antibiotic selection for CAP in immunocompetent non-ICU patient (10)
  • PN-7 Influenza vaccination (5)
  • SCIP-Inf-9 Urinary catheter removed on postoperative day 1 or 2 (7)
  • SCIP-OP-7 Antibiotic Selection (3)