Internet and Television Usage

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Visitor Internet Access

Nebraska Medicine – Bellevue would like to assist you in keeping your lifestyle as normal as possible during your hospital stay. One of the ways we help achieve that is by providing patients with high-speed Internet access. Computers are available for public use in the Internet cafe located on Level Two. Wireless Internet connection is available throughout the hospital, including patient areas.

The Internet is an unregulated medium of information and communication. Therefore, the hospital does not monitor nor have control over the information provided through this resource. Not all information on the Internet is current, accurate or complete. The hospital does not use filtering software, so we strongly suggest parents supervise their children’s Internet use.

Internet users have several responsibilities during their time online at Nebraska Medicine – Bellevue, including:

  • Responsible use of resources
  • Refraining from illegal or unethical Internet use
  • Respect of copyright laws by making only authorized copies of copyrighted materials
  • Refraining from altering hospital-owned equipment and software
  • Accurately represent self by access code, password and/or signature as appropriate
  • Acknowledgement that e-mail is not confidential and may be read by others
  • Acknowledgement that Internet use is a privilege
  • Refraining from use of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) software products, which are restricted by the hospital.

In rare situations where problems occur, unlawful activities will be referred to the appropriate legal authorities. The hospital is not responsible for any damages – direct or indirect - or for any liabilities that may arise from a customer’s Internet use.

Television Programming

Patient rooms are equipped with a color television and are able to receive network, cable and educational programming. For the hearing impaired, a telecommunications (TTY) device is available. Educational programming related to a patients stay/condition is also available on their  television.