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Patient Relations

If you have questions or concerns about your stay, the Patient Relations staff will help you. We encourage you to share your concerns directly with supervisors or managers of the particular area you have a concern with.

You may also contact the Patient Relations office directly. If, at any time, you believe that any of the rights afforded to patients have not been fulfilled, please contact Patient Relations at 763-3790. Sharing a concern will not affect your access to care now or in the future.


Social Work

Illness can cause major changes in your life and the lives of your family members. Bellevue Medical Center medical social workers are trained to help you and your family through supportive counseling to adjust to such changes, which may include emotional, physical, social or financial. The medical social workers also are available to assist you in making plans for after your discharge from the hospital. They may help you locate services you have never needed before and don’t know where to find.

Other ways they may help you include:

  • Setting up nursing visits and medical equipment in the home
  • Ordering meals to be delivered to the home
  • Placement in a nursing facility
  • Finding housing, meals or transportation while you or a loved one is being treated at Bellevue Medical Center
  • Locating agencies that provide financial assistance
  • Helping to prepare an Advance Directive
  • Social Work services are available to all patients and families at Bellevue Medical Center; there is no charge for a consultation. To access these services call 763-3000 and ask to speak to a social worker.


Nurse Case Managers

Patients who are admitted to the hospital sometimes receive complex and highly technical care. In order to get patients back into their home as quickly as possible, it is sometimes necessary for patients and families to take on treatment at home or for patients to transfer to another facility prior to going home. Nurse case managers are registered nurses who assist in coordinating care for patients who will have needs after discharge.

Every patient admitted to Bellevue Medical Center is screened for case management needs. The major role of the case manager is to coordinate the discharge plan for patients with complex needs, so not every patient will actually require case management. Case managers work collaboratively with physicians and other services (dietary, occupational therapy, physical therapy, respiratory therapy and social work) to ensure all needs are addressed prior to dismissal or transfer to a skilled healthcare facility. In addition, case managers identify patient's educational needs and ensure follow-up appointments are made with the patient’s primary physician to optimize the continuum of care when returning home.